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Why I don’t find Apple’s Holiday iPhone Ad Very Heartwarming At All

Wow. Clearly an iPhone is all we need to come out of our shell and add a lot of warmth and cheer to our holiday? Guess I’m missing it.

Watching the ad, I couldn’t help but think, ‘just put the damn phone down and get on the sled.’ How else can you know what it’s like to sled? With our brothers and sisters? Together? During a holiday? Not by watching it on a video.

I can’t help but think that more and more, we are mistaking ‘watching’ for ‘experiencing.’ When my son or daughter performs, everyone expects me to get it on video. And yeah, clearly, I want to have it to watch again later. But what I really want to do is be THERE when they perform. I want to see their expressions, hear the music and experience the moment. See them muster the courage. Feel them pouring their little hearts out for a live audience. Sense the audience reacting to their music. Sitting there with...

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Getting Out of Your Own Shorts

When you’re running a startup, you’re dealing with constant pressure to get things done as quickly as possible. Speed, we’re repeatedly told is the key to winning in the stupidly intense startup world. Do more faster. GTD. Kicking ass and taking names. While I would never argue the value of speed, as the NHTSA loves to remind us, speed also kills. This is alarmingly clear with technical founders playing CEO for the first time. Digging into code to fix stuff that no one else can is very often a familiar happy place in an otherwise chaotic environment.

But when you’re running the show, you HAVE to take a higher view. Getting lost in the details and not taking a long view can lead to disaster. If you don’t take a few moments, on a regular basis, to get your head out of your own shorts and look at things at a higher level, you might just end up as a painful statistic.


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